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Inappropriate things to do with your favorite children's show: Turn it into a Drinking Game
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I’m a big fan of nostalgia and games and, well, drinks. So naturally, this happened.


1. Drink every time it blows your mind that Aaron Carter is singing the theme song (take a shot if you didn’t know that before right now.)

2. Waterfall during the rap in…

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Okay, Liberty’s Kids people: How frickin’ old is Moses supposed to be? Is he 25? Is he 40? What? This has been eating at my mind all day.

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"Mean Girls" in the 1700s like…


"Mean Girls" in the 1700s like…

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I love myself in peace!


I love myself in peace!

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Fashion during WWII

Welcome to Molly’s World

1. Inspired by the military uniforms around them, women’s fashion began to incorporate military themes. This is often the case during military times.

2. Saddle shoes, often worn by the Molly doll, had been in existence since the 1920s but had originally been seen as only appropriate for golf. Now the shoes were worn by girls in a wider variety of situations-play, school, etc.

3. Separates were also popular because of rationing. Separates could be put together into many different combinations, creating a wider variety of choices when a girl got dressed. The lack of available fabric also gave rise to the dickey instead of wearing a collared shirt under your sweater-Molly wears one (and separates) in her meet outfit.

4. Instead of buying new clothes, women would take the fabric from their old clothes to make a new style

5. Once again, because of fabric shortages, two piece bathing suits became popular but they were still seen as quite scandalous! Emily had a two piece bathing suit before she was retired

Annette Being as Abigail Adams

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The human costs of WWII, from Welcome to Molly’s World: the millions of Jews and others who were murdered in the Holocaust, including the famed diarist Anne Frank

The loss of thousands of american lives during the bombing of Pearl Harbor

The huge losses of soldiers on all sides

The many who died from the bombings in Europe

The many who died after the use of the atomic bomb in japan, including the little girl who thought making a thousand paper cranes would prevent her death from cancer caused by the radiation

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My new Elizabeth Cole doll came in the mail yesterday-that is some of the fastest shipping I have ever seen in my life. I ordered her and got her two days later. Plus she was perfect.

The first picture is an overall look at Elizabeth, who is the best friend of Felicity. The Elizabeth doll was released in 2005 along with the movie and was retired along with the rest of Felicity’s collection. Since it doesn’t look like be best friends will come out of the archives, I think Elizabeth is gone for good so I’m glad I got her.

The second picture is a close up of Elizabeth’s face. Elizabeth has the Josefina mold, which is personally my favorite (and no, it’s not because Josefina is my favorite doll….okay, maybe it is…sue me). She has blonde hair and blue eyes, which is kind of a blunder on the part of American Girl. In the original books Elizabeth was a brunette with brown eyes but the books were changed and the doll was changed to match the movie, in which Elizabeth was played by a blonde actress. Still she is very pretty- her hair is darker than Caroline’s and her blue eyes are a richer blue as well.

Her dress, shown in picture three, is actually very unique-most meet outfits were everyday outfits. However, Elizabeth is wearing the formal gown that she was going to wear to her sister’s engagement party, a decidedly formal affair. It’s a coral pink dress with lace trim and cuffs. The stomacher is lined with pearls. It is a one piece which is historically inaccurate-compare this with Felicity’s blue ball dress. Still it is very pretty. It’s not my favorite meet outfit but it is a cute little thing.

Her shoes in picture four are white with pink rosette bows-adorable! The downside however is that they won’t go with pretty much anything else and the shoes that came with the other meet outfits were pretty versatile so that’s kind of a bummer. But hey Elizabeth is obviously supposed to be rich-she can afford shoes that only match one outfit.

Her pinner cap in picture five is a fancy little confection with lace trim. It also matches and is decidedly fancier than the cap felicity wore with her meet accessories-which I still don’t have. Clearly, Elizabeth has more money.

Finally there’s a close up of her still mostly intact pin curls and her little pearl necklace. Felicity just got a fabric choker but Elizabeth gets pearls. You can’t see it, but Elizabeth also has diamond (!!!) earrings. She was the first doll with removable earrings by the way.

Overall, I love this doll. If you want an Elizabeth that is true to the original pictures you can purchase a JLY and then buy her outfits. However, I actually love Elizabeth the way she is. She’s gorgeous and super girly and frilly which I love.

The only historical dolls I still need are Cecile, Rebecca, Julie, Caroline, and Ruthie (another rich girl but a much more annoying one). Which one would you get next?

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